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Sunday, August 9, 2009

July Newsletter

A Message from Rose Ann
Thank you to all members who registered 23 items to be judged in the
“Knitting with Beads” contest. Entries included everything from scarves
and shawls to jewelry. The 1st place prize of a $75.00 gift certificate to the
Knitting Knook went to Patricia G for her beautiful beaded shawl.
2nd prize , a $50.00 gift certificate to Fiberwood Studios went to Jean G
for her stunning beaded scarf and 3rd prize a 425.00 gift
certificate to Just 4Ewe went to Karen K for her original
design amulet necklace. Thank you for all the great participation in the
We had 11 commitment forms for the UFO contest. Karen
R, Margaret Rose D and Mary Guy F presented
their finished projects and each received a $10.00 gift
certificate to the Yarn House.
Our next Guild meeting will feature Mary Germain with a
program on Latvian knitting.
The August 11th meeting will be a knitting related swap. Each
member should bring any unwanted yarn, patterns etc in good
condition from their stash that is priced to sell. Remember to
bring cash to make purchases or make change and swap away.
Submitted by Karen P
Rose Ann, Vice President called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
New Guests - none present
Secretary- No changes to the minutes were noted by the Guild Members from the May 2009
meeting. A motion was made by Jean G to accept and approve the minutes as
published in the newsletter. Karen K seconded the motion.
Programs- The July meeting will feature Mary Germain and a presentation on color and
patterns of Latvian knitting. August will be a yarn, pattern, knitting accessory sway.
Membership has 78 paid members. Please welcome new member Carlotta S.
Newsletter- Please email Jeannie G your most interesting or exotic place that
you have knit in public.
Community service- Projects are hats, mittens, scarves and gloves for children and
adults which will be distributed by the organization Food for the Hungry in Brookfield.
Also prayer shawls for Froedtert Hospital Palliative care ministry. The shawls must be
made out of washable yarn9 no wool), laundered, and without fringe. Please see Jean
G for more details.
New Business- Ellen J discussed the bus trip to Stitches, further details will be
forthcoming, but those wishing to attend will have to make a financial commitment
ahead of time. The upcoming World Wide Knit in Public Day is set for June 13, 2009.
Ellen indicated that there will be a location at Bradford Beach starting at 11:00 am. Pat
indicated that the Pewaukee Public Library will be holding a knit in from 10-2 pm as
well. Just 4 Ewe in Oak Creek will hold a knit in also. Karen Knoted that the
Midwest Felting Symposium will be held from July 29through August 2 at the Alliant
Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. This is a free event.
We had 23 entries for the “Knitting with Beads” contest, Patricia G won first place
with a beautiful, beaded shawl; Jean Gwon second place with a stunning
beaded scarf and Karen K won third place with her original design amulet
There were 3 entries for the UFO ( Unfinished Object) contest. The winners with their
great entries were Karen R, Mary G-F and Margaret Rose D.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 pm by Kay T and seconded by
Judy K.
Ysolda Teague Visits Main Street Yarn Shop in Hartford
Submitted by Margaret Rose D
On Tuesday June 2, 2009 The Main Street Yarn Shop in Hartford, Wisconsin hosted a
reception and book signing for the popular Scottish knitting designer Ysolda Teague.
Her designs have been published in Twist and Knitty. She had samples of all the
patterns from her new book Whimsical Little knits. The book includes a variety of
projects; everything from beautiful lacy shawls and scarfs, hats and even a whimsical
doll. Many of her other patterns are available on her website and blog www.ysolda.com
Besides meeting Ysolda, the best part of this wonderful event was sitting and knitting
with friends. One could really feel the warmth of the knitting community. Ysolda later
commented in Edinburgh, people go to yarn stores, buy supplies and leave. They do not
sit and knit. She has truly enjoyed the welcome and friendship of all the yarn stores she
has visited in the United States.
My compliments to Rhonda Hattori for hosting this event with only 48 hours notice. The
Main Street Yarn shop is a cozy shop in downtown Hartford with a wonderful selection
of yarn and friendly helpful staff. Please visit their website: www.mainstyarnshop.com
Submitted by Jean G
We have two different charities that we are knitting for this year. Hats, Scarves and
Mittens will be donated to the food pantries for distribution as needed. And, Prayer
Shawls for Froedtert Hospital. If you want to read more about Prayer Shawls and get
detailed information go to: http://www.shawlministry.com/instructions.html
The website contains several prayer shawl patterns under the pattern category located
at the bottom of the main page. Please visit the page and print off one or more patterns
for your personal use.
Visit this link for some children’s hat patterns www.madronafiberarts.com/charity.html
Knit in Public
Last month to celebrate World Wide Knit in Public
Day, we asked where the most exotic place that our
Guild members have knit in public. Here are two
Knitting in public almost always gets a response or
two from someone, usually another knitter or a former
knitter who almost always share a comment or an
observation or two.
I have a son who lives with his family in Sydney,
Australia, so of course, I’ve been there often to share
in the lives of my three grandchildren.
It was almost time for me to return home this past
January, when I decided that I had to visit the Sydney
Art Museum, so of course I brought along my knitting,
and rested my feet and knit – probably a pair of socks
in the main entrance way. That time of the year is
Summer. Several people wandered by informing me
that they used to knit. One was surprised that I was
knitting in summer! I said I knit all year long.
On New Year’s Eve, we were at Rushcutters Bay,
picnicking, and waiting for the fireworks to go off over
the Sydney bridge, and again a friend of a friend
wondered that I was actually knitting in summer!
Before I left Sydney I had knit a pair of socks for each
of the five members of my son’s family, so the day I
left they all put on their new socks and we took
pictures of them all together with their feet towards
the camera to show off their newly clad feet.
I also knit on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, but then a
few of us do. Knitting socks doesn’t make me too hot.
I also knit around the pool. I’m usually there for two
months in the winter. It has helped me make some
new friends.
I knit on airplanes and in airports, usually socks. It’s a
great way to pass the waiting time.
I had surgery this past April. While in the waiting room
waiting for my therapist to come and get me, I was
knitting. A young man confided that he too had knit a
pair of socks when he was a teenager. This
was a surprise – my first comments from a
Both my therapist and my doctor want to
learn to knit socks. I told my doctor I’d teach
her when she had more time, or when she
I suspect that knitting is keeping my hands
from becoming gnarled – a condition
suffered by my mother, who by the way
warned me when I lived at home, before I
was married that if I bought any more yarn,
my trunks of yarn and me would be ousted
from my parents’ home! I was never cured. I
still own lots and lots and lots of yarn!
Karen P
Knitter to Rock Stars?
Often I look up and find someone
with a puzzled look on their face. This is
because two passions have been combined
to allow both my partner Mike and I to enjoy
our favorite activities together. My partner is
a musician and plays bass in various bands.
This means many hours traveling and many
hours waiting. A one hour performance may
take 5 hours travel and 2 hours set up. So
what do I do? Knit of course.
I have designed shawls and tops for
performers local and International. I have
designed a shawl for Tina Lie a Norwegian
singer that performs in Europe and the US.
Or you may see my creations on Bobbie Jo
Landon in the Milwaukee area. So when
you’re are at Summerfest, a church festival,
or any venue in the Midwest take a peak
backstage or around the audience. You may
see me working on my latest project.
I am blessed to share my passion for the needle arts
with Mike’s passion for music. It’s hard to be unhappy
when you are doing the things that put a smile on
your face.
Karen R
12- October 15 Elsebeth Lavold
Knitting Along the Viking Trail,
Vesterham Norwegian American Museum, Decorah, Iowa
14 Guild Meeting with Guest Speaker Mary Germain
17-19 Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, McHenry
County College, Crystal Lake IL ,www.fiberandfolk.com
29 Milwaukee Brewers Stitch and Pitch www.stitchandpitch.com
29- Aug 2 Midwest Felting Symposium, Alliant energy Center,
Madison, Wi www.midwestfeltingsymposium.com
11 Guild Meeting -Yarn Swap
8 Guild Meeting- State fair Winners and Induction of New
10-13 Stitches Midwest www.knittinguniverse.com
3 Yarn con, Pulaski Field House Chicago, Il
13 Guild Meeting
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