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We are on Facebook now. Visit us at Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild. The Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild is open to anyone interested in knitting at any level. Our mission is to promote interest, appreciation, and skill in knitting. The Meetings are always the second Tuesday of every month except January and August. Social Hour begins at 6:15 pm. Our “Knitting Doctors” are also available at that time for advice and consultation on your knitting problems. The meeting begins at 7:oo pm followed by the Monthly Program. email us at gmkg@prodigy.net

Monday, March 7, 2011

GMKG Newsletter March 2011 --Auction info

7p on Tuesday March 8th, 2011 – Mount Mary College This Auction helps to support the different programs we offer as part of the Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild Items that may be featured at this year’s Auction:
Beautiful skeins of yarn!
Bath and Beauty things!
Knitting Books full of creative ideas!
Household objects!Fabulous Knitting Accessories!
Stunning Needles!
Attractive Stationary!

Don’t be the only person to miss the great deals and items at this year’s Auction!
Meet us in the North Dining Room of Mount Mary College!
Bid early and Bid often!!

GMKG Newsletter March 2011


March 2011
No treasurers report. Pat had a Community meeting regarding flooding to attend.Membership-no new members. One visitor attended.

The February Program was presented by Sue Forbes and Jenny from Knitch Yarn Shop of Delafield. They brought tables full of Noroyarn and explained the different blends and when best to use them. They also had knitted items so that you could see how they knit up. They also had various types of kits available for sale. We all got 10% off and had a great time.Meeting adjourned.

March is our annual fund raiser Auction. Monies raised will be used toward speaker fees throughout the upcoming year. (No Rummage items please)- Please pass the word around- guests are most definitely welcome!

Mary G-F has offered to be the Auctioneer. We will also need spotters to make sure everyone’s paddle is seen. We will need a few peopleto record and tally the totals of the winning bidders. We will have a registration table where youwill be given a paddle with your number. Please havean index card filled out with the name of the item, theasking price, a description of the item, and whodonated it. We will have extra index cards available.Come early so you can have plenty of time to check it all out.

In April, Jan Massie from Just4ewe will be our guest speaker. Jan recycles sweaters, re-spins the yarn, and then knits into new! She will talk to the guild abouther technique. We look forward to having her!

As always- Happy KnittingPeg

You are cordiallyinvited to the 1st annual Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild’s Baby Shower!!For: Christ Child Society
Date: May 10, 2011(the May meeting)
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Mount Mary College
Baby Shower Games will be played and refreshments served Please bring your baby sweaters and any other knitted items for donation to this worthy cause (remember that non-knitted new baby items will also be graciously accepted!!