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Monday, October 11, 2010

GMKG Newsletter- OCT 10



October 2010

The program for Oct will be a demonstration on how to hand paint yarn and sock blanks.

October 2010 Knitting Guild Newsletter

Fall is upon us

It’s that time of year that we all think of sweaters, mittens, hats and all other knitterly things to keep ourselves and others warm. Sorry for the limited minutes- I did not receive any again this month- so I am using what few I took at the meeting:

Amy Hiley- co president opened the meeting asking for confirmation of minutes from the last meeting.

No minutes due to arriving after newsletter sent out.

Treasurers report – Pat- 3281.03 in account as of tonight- awards have been mailed for state fair prizes

Charity- hats and scarves…yarn in back at each meeting has been donated for charity usage

Hope house as possibility for charity for this year as well as
Christ Child society-( willing to attend meeting in November/December for baby sweaters/hats/booties)

Red Scarf project - orphan.org packages to kids in foster care that are now college students (website has free patterns) the directions are as follows:


Scarf Size: Approximately 60_ long and 5_ to 8_ wide. Scarves should be long enough to be

wrapped around the neck, with tails long enough to be tied in the front.

Style: Think unisex collegiate. The scarves go to both male and female students, so they

shouldn’t be gender specific. Fringes are optional. Your scarf should be 60-70 inches by 6-8


Yarn: Preferably DK, double fingering-weight, worsted weight, or light bulky yarns. No lace

weight, super-chunky, or mohair yarns as there are many people who find mohair too itchy. The

yarn should be soft.

Color: Red! However, this could mean burgundy, cherry, russet, red stripes with other colors, or

multicolor hues including red.

Finished and tagged: Yarn ends should be securely sewn in. For a personal touch, attach a tag

saying “Handmade for You” with your first name, city, and group affiliation, if any. We also

suggest that you include washing instructions and personal messages of encouragement.

Scarves are accepted from September 1 to December 15 each year and can be sent to:


The Red Scarf Project

21351 Gentry Drive

Suite 130

Sterling, VA 20166

More detailed directions can be found at- http://orphan.org/what-we-do/programs/red-scarf-project/

Scarves should not be in a quantity of more than 5 per person (unless we are going to gather them and send them as a guild donation) and should be sent to:

The Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive
Suite 130
Sterling, VA 20166

More detailed directions can be found at- http://orphan.org/what-we-do/programs/red-scarf-project/

No old business-

The “work down your stash” contest winners were- Honorable mention- Dee B
Darleen H- pair of socks
Cristel M- Aran waist coat knit from stash 1400yds (¾ of a mile)- gift card
Jeanie G, total of 3 miles of yarn from stash- Winner

“Pick the pattern you have always wanted to knit and commit to it”- idea for next year’s challenge

New business:

Sue N- project on October 23rd at the Central Library (700 W Wisconsin Avenue) during the afternoon- looking for volunteers to knit/instruct/participate….she is taking names to offer to staff person at the library she knows.

Dana Root was presenter for knitting ergonomics.

It’s time to renew your Guild membership. Dues are $ 25.00 or $ 5.00 if you are a junior member. Please make checks payable to the Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild or GMKG. A membership form is included in the newsletter. Please complete the information completely, even if you are renewing your membership. If you wish to receive your newsletter by regular mail, please provide us with 12 business size, self addressed stamped envelopes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact :

Mary K

Remember- this is your newsletter-please don’t hesitate to send articles, information, questions or suggestions to me, but please do so by the 20th of each month so that I can try and each done and sent by month’s end.

Thanks and I look forward to a great year!

Happy Knitting