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The Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild is open to anyone interested in knitting at any level. Our mission is to promote interest, appreciation, and skill in knitting. The Meetings are always the second Tuesday of every month except January and August. Social Hour begins at 6:15 pm. Our “Knitting Doctors” are also available at that time for advice and consultation on your knitting problems. The meeting begins at 7:oo pm followed by the Monthly Program. Address and location are: Harwood Place, 8220 W Harwood Ave, Wauwatosa, WI Please join us. If you wish to contact the Guild please email us at gmkg@prodigy.net

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Meeting and future programs

Here is a quick update on our future programs.
April is the Auction
May is our Baby Shower to benefit The Christ Child Society
June will have Master Knitter Jennifer Donze with us.
July is Elections and The Brown Bag Exchange

GMKG 2014 Annual Auction

Here is more information on what to expect at the Auction.

 News to Use for the April  8 Auction

The April auction is coming upon us soon and I want you to start thinking Spring,
gardening, pastels, picnics, patriotic, grilling, children, coffee, chocolate, stuffed toys, pin
cushions, aprons, pot holders, home-made cards, bakery, flowers and on and on. This
should give you some ideas for items to offer.

I also want to walk you through the evening so you’ll have some idea of what’s going to
happen. First, when you come in the door, there will be two members sitting at a table
to register you. They will have you sign your name and assign you a paddle number for
bidding. If you  want to donate an item you’ll make your way to the front table to hand in your auction item. This should have a 3 x 5 card attached with four things written on it. 1. A description. 2. An
opening bid . 3. The value of the item . 4. Your name.

During the auction there will be two clerks keeping track of the bidding. They’ll write
down how much the winning offer was and which number made it. At the end of the
auction, the clerks will be the cashiers and will take your money. Checks are most
appreciated, cash is great ( but I don’t always know how much I’ll spend). We don’t
have the capability to take credit or debit cards
Come one and all. Bring guests- lots of them. Bring your checkbooks. The profits of
this auction will go into the treasury for future programs. So it will be a win/win for
everyone. You’ll get a great auction item and programs at our meetings. Get your
guests to join the Guild too.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 2014 Meeting with Susan Forbes

Susan Forbes gave us lots of information on the effects of processing on different fibers.  She brought lots of Noro Yarn from Knitch along with books and her own dyed yarn and knit and dyed yarn blanks.  Beautiful colors and textures.  See Susan at  http://www.fairyyarnmother.com.

February 2014 Round Robin

 Deb prepared a number of Intarsia samples for us to work on.

Karen taught us how to thrum mittens. 

Anja showed us how to cast on from the middle also known as the disappearing loop method. Not pictured is Betty, who showed us how to work jogless stripes. 

Pat and Anna gave us MANY ideas for knitting lace!  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 2014 Meeting and Future Programs

Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 11.   Our Program will be-

Luscious Fiber -- Beautiful Color!!

Learn "All About Fiber" at our March meeting. Midwest fiber artist Susan Forbes will talk
with us about natural and man-made fibers -- wool, silk, alpaca, bamboo and more.
Susan, (also known as the Fairy Yarnmother) creates beautiful fibers out of
combinations of these fibers and designs hand-dyes in colors that are subtle to brilliant.
This is an opportunity to get questions answered about how fibers behave and how to
use them.  Betty and I were wowed when we saw these wonderfully designed fibers.
Susan also brings a large array of colorful yarns -- both her own designs and commercial
yarns -- so that you can see touch and purchase, if you choose.  We will build in time for
looking and shopping
Our April meeting will our Annual Fundraising Auction
May is our Annual Baby Shower. We donate all of our knitted and purchased baby
items to a local charity. Games, prizes, punch and treats will rule the day.

In June  Master Knitter Jennifer Donze returns with concrete examples and clear explanations to make
knitting polished and satisfying. Specific topic information will come in the next

Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Program and Upcoming Meetings

February Round Robin
See --Listen -- Try....
...knitting techniques explained and demonstrated by your fellow guild members.
Stimulate your curiosity or get questions answered about 4 important knitting patterns
and skills.
1. Karen L. will show -- Thrumming for mittens
2. Anna P. and Pat H. will show -- Lace Knitting tips and techniques
! ! They ask that you bring needles and a little DK or Worsted weight
yarn if you want to try the lace techniques they will show.
3. Deb P. will explain -- Intarsia and effects of Color choice
4. Betty P. and Anja H.will share -- methods for achieving a Jogless
appearance in Circular knitting. Bring two colors of yarn and 4-5 double point
needles or circular. We're presenting techniques for jog less stripes in the round
and casting on from the middle - disappearing loop method.
See samples and/or try your hand on the needles our "instructors" provide. Each
session is planned by the individual presenter, so expect variety and enthusiasm, and
getting to know each other better.
The chairman will divide us into 4 groups and each group will be assigned to one of the
"technique tables" to start the rotation. After 15 to 20 minutes, she'll will ring a bell and
all groups will move at once to the next station. Everyone will have a chance to see and
hear about each technique.

Our March meeting is unconfirmed at this time.

Our April meeting is our Annual Auction.  Time to start getting your purchases and donations together so that we can get off to a rousing good time.  Proceeds will go to Speakers and program needs.

May will bring our Third Annual Baby Shower.  We will be knitting all things baby needs such as sweaters, blankets, booties, hats and toys.  Games and snacks will be provided.  All of our items will be donated to the Christ Child Society.

Mary G. who has presented a program in the past for us on Nordic Knitting is
going to host a Walk and Knit event at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this year.
She has asked the Guild if we would like to help. She has sent me some links of the
event in Estonia last year. Check them out and we can talk about this briefly at the
meeting so as not to detract from our program.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Potluck and Show and Tell

In December we held our Annual Potluck and Show and Tell.  Not only was the knitting spectacular but the food was pretty scrumptious too!

Just a reminder, there is no January meeting so we will see you in February!