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We are on Facebook now. Visit us at Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild. The Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild is open to anyone interested in knitting at any level. Our mission is to promote interest, appreciation, and skill in knitting. The Meetings are always the second Tuesday of every month except January and August. Social Hour begins at 6:15 pm. Our “Knitting Doctors” are also available at that time for advice and consultation on your knitting problems. The meeting begins at 7:oo pm followed by the Monthly Program. email us at gmkg@prodigy.net

Friday, March 9, 2018

March 13 Meeting

We have an update from our Charity Committee about the Preemie Octopuses. 

Froedtert Hospital is requesting the Octopus toys for babies. They are very specific about how the toys are to be made. See the attachments for details. Polyfill works well for stuffing. This link will also take you to the US patterns. https://www.spruttegruppen.dk/recipes


The Knitting Olympic Challenge 2018

1. Each entry must contain the colors red, white and blue.
2. One entry per person
2.5 Challenge yourself. Is there something you haven't done or something you have always wanted to try?
Judging will take place at the March meeting. Please bring your completed masterpieces then. Please attach your name to your work.
Your work will be judged on the following criteria: 
1. Does it contain red, white and blue
2. How does it look (aka cuteness)
3. How well is it done

The top three masterpieces will receive Olympic medals. Each medal will come with a gift certificate to a local yarn store.

Good Luck.


The March Program will also include  Bev Pilarzyk  speaking  on Knitting Shows and Life as a Vendor.  This will be a new topic for us and promises to be interesting!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Meeting Locations for March, April, May and June

As you may have heard we have a new meeting location at San Camillo, 10200 W Bluemound Ave, Wauwatosa.

We are going to be flexible for the month of May since San Camillo has  a previously booked event.   Here is the list of our meeting locations for the next few months.  

Dates and times of our meetings remain the same. 

March        Harwood Place 8220 W Harwood Ave,  Wauwatosa

April           San Camillo      10200 W Bluemound Rd, Wauwatosa

May            Wauwatosa Library, Firefly Room,   7635 W North Ave, Wauwatosa

June and Into the Future.   San Camillo, 10200 W Bluemound Rd, Wauwatosa

Jennifer Donze Presents Short Rows

As always Jennifer presented an excellent class.  She had lots of labelled samples and spent enough time on each technique that  we all had practice and a good understanding of when and why to use short rows in shaping our knit articles.  We learned to not hate wrap and turn and how to work German short rows.  No more excuses for not using short rows.

Belated Christmas Photos

I finally got my Photo App fixed and can post our photos from our meetings.

Here is our Christmas Show and Tell.  We knit cowls. toys, clothes hanger covers, hats, scarfs, beautiful lace and beaded shawls, steeked Icelandic cardigans, lace cardigans with wool we spun ourselves mitts and socks.  We set the bar high for next year!

We enjoyed being with our friends during the Holidays.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Christmas in July at GMKG

What a Blast!

Shelley L brought in 2 tables full of her spectacular yarn that she felt she needed to move back into the fiber community (destash).  She had bagged and labelled it so that you knew exactly what kind and how much was in each skein. If it was for a project you got the yarn needed and the pattern all in one.

Everyone present had their name put in a bag.  Shelley picked a skein,  Jackie pulled a name out of the bag and Carol T made sure Jackie didn't get carried away in the excitement and put a name back into the bag by mistake.

I know of one skein of yarn that was a completed project in less than 48 hours.  

Thanks for the Fun and the Yarn Shelley!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Taste of Wool and Cotton

Wool and Cotton Company presented a great Yarn Tasting at our June meeting.  There were probably over a dozen yarn samples on needles for us to knit, pass around and comment on. You can see in the photo's below the beautiful yarns Annaliese and Gina brought for us to sample and purchase.  They also let us know about upcoming events at their shop. They raffled off  a  ticket to the Nerd Girls fiber class,  a tote bag  and a $50.00 gift certificate to the store.   Go to  www.woolandcottonco.com  for the details on the upcoming events.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Photo's from Our May Baby Shower

We came thru again with over 132 baby sweaters and still counting.  There are some knitters who couldn't make the meeting and will be bringing their items to the June meeting for delivery to The Christ Child Society.  As you can see we had lots of other items that were appreciated by the Ladies of The Christ Child Society.  

Every year there are new patterns that you use.  They are all so cleverly done!

Our snack table was also a wonder to behold.  

Well done on all fronts!