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We are on Facebook now. Visit us at Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild. The Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild is open to anyone interested in knitting at any level. Our mission is to promote interest, appreciation, and skill in knitting. The Meetings are always the second Tuesday of every month except January and August. Social Hour begins at 6:15 pm. Our “Knitting Doctors” are also available at that time for advice and consultation on your knitting problems. The meeting begins at 7:oo pm followed by the Monthly Program. email us at gmkg@prodigy.net

Thursday, July 8, 2010

GMKG Newsletter- July 2010

The Greater Milwaukee Knitting
Guild is open to anyone
interested in knitting at any level.
Our mission is to promote
interest, appreciation, and skill in
M eet in g s
Meetings are held in the North
Dining Room of Bergstrom Hall,
Mount Mary College on the
second Tuesday of each month.
Social Hour begins at 6:15 pm.
Our “ Knitting Doctors” are
available at that time for advice
and consultation on your knitting
The monthly meeting begins at
7:00 pm followed by the Monthly
Mount Mary College is located at
2900 N. Menomonee River
Parkway, Milwaukee, WI

Congratulations to the following Greater
Milwaukee Knitting Guild members who
volunteered to assume the following positions
on the Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild Board.
Amy H- President
Jackie H -Vice President
Mary K -Membership
Peggy V- Newsletter
Pat G- Treasurer
Volunteers are still needed to fill the positions
of secretary and charity Knitting.
Susan F, Kathy M and Darlene
H have volunteered to assist with
More volunteers are needed. Do you have an
idea for a program? Are you willing to
demonstrate a knitting skill in a round robin
setting? Do you know a speaker who would
share all things fiber? Are you willing to
contact yarn shops to sell ad space in the
Your Guild need you! The work is light when
there are many hands!
By Mary K, Membership secretary
Everyone in the Guild should recognize Dan
J. He is the only man in the guild at the
present time.
He is a special education teacher in the Milwaukee
Public Schools and has been a teacher for 20 years.
He teaches cognitive disabled students at Hamilton
High school. He is also licensed to teach Consumer
Education. Both his undergraduate and Master’s
degrees are from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.
He has been knitting for about 15 years and enjoys
all sorts of crafts besides knitting. He crochets,
paints, quilts, and makes jewelry. He must be a
good cook too. Hope you tasted his delicious
brownies at the 2009 Christmas party.
Here are his answers to questions we asked him
Who taught you how to knit?
““I took a class as MATC because I really wanted to
learn knitting.”
How long have you been a member of the Guild and
how did you learn about us?
““6 years. I heard about the group at an MATC
What do you like best about the guild and any guild
““I like getting together with other knitters and
learning new things. I use to help get the newsletter
out to the members who received it by mail. I had
some of my students help.”
Favorite type of knitting?
Current projects?
““I am finishing up a felted bag. This
summer I am going to finish a child’s Disney
afghan I started 1 ½ years ago. And then
there is the tissue cover I started about 8
years when I took Shirley Grade’s Irish
stitches class. It has all sorts of bobbles.”
Stash size?
““It’s not too bad. I have yarn to make a
pair of socks and then a sweater. I didn’t go
to Stitches last year but I have used up all
my yarn from the year before. My fabric
stash for my quilts is another story.”
Favorite Knitting Book?
““I don’t really have a favorite book but I do
like Elizabeth Zimmermann’s videos.”
Amy H called the meeting to order at 7:05 Pm.
There were 18 members present.
Membership reported that we had 4 new members
join the Guild in May.
Meeting Minutes for May were not accepted as
none were submitted to the newsletter for
Karen L reported that a bus has been
secured for the trip to Stitches. More details will be
available at the July Meeting.
Amy H asked for volunteers to assume the
vacating Guild Board positions.
Amy volunteered to assume the role of president.
Jackie H agreed to assume the role of vice
president. Mary K agreed to continue on as
Membership Secretary. Peggy V volunteered
to compile the newsletter. Susan F, Darlene
H, and Kathy M, agreed to help with
the programs committee.
The board will need volunteers to fill Secretary and
Charity Knitting positions.
New Business. Several Guild members have
inquired about the Master Knitter Course. Could the
Guild find out What it would entail. Could some of
the meetings be geared toward achieving this goal.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 7:20

Stash Down 2010
The following Guild Members have
committed to “knit down” some of their
yarn stash.
Cristel M is knitting an Aran
waistcoat with Kathmandu yarn.
Darlene H is busy knitting socks out
of some supersoche yarn. Dee Bhas
selected a shell made from Diva yarn and
two sweaters made from Charleston and
Divine yarns for her stash down projects.
Please bring your completed Traveling
Women Shawls, which we cast on back in
January, to the July meeting for show and
Dana R will teach us some tips for
keeping our hands and bodies aligned and
pain free with her presentation on
Ergonomic Knitting.

Don’t forget that the Midwest Folk and
Fiber Fair is July 16-18 at the Lake County
Fair Grounds in Greyslake, Illinois. They
have a powerhouse line up of classes from
Beadwork, Color Theory, Dyeing, Felting
Handspinning, Jewelry Construction,
Knitting, Looping, Machine Knitting
Polymer Clay, Quilting, Rug Hooking
Weaving, and Wool Applique . The
marketplace has yarns from Creatively
Dyed, Happy Hands, Briar Rose Fibers just
to name a few.

The Midwest Felting Symposium will take
place July 21-25 at the Alliant Energy
Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Besides
shopping opportunities for all sorts of
felting supplies, they have classes from
felted jewelry, to felted flowers and
Stitches Midwest will be held August
19-22 at the Renaissance Hotel and
Conference Center in Schaumburg,
Illinois. The Greater Milwaukee Knitting
Guild has chartered a bus for Saturday August 21. The
bus is limited to 55 passengers.
The cost is 35 dollars per person for the bus and
admission to the Stitches Marketplace. We need fill a
minimum of 31 seats on the bus by August .
Karen L will collect payment at the July meeting
or you may mail your payment to her:

The bus will pick up at the State Fair Park and Ride, the
Ryan Road Park and Ride and the Hwy 20 Park and Ride
Some reasons to take the bus to Stitches:
1. You can knit while onboard.
2. The bus has air conditioning.
3. The bus has a bathroom.
4. The bus has comfortable seats two across.
5.The bus has an extra large cargo hold for all those
marketplace purchases.
6.Why drive through the Wisconsin I-94 construction,
the Illinois Tristate Tollways construction and the Illinois
I-90 construction when you can knit on the bus while the
bus driver deals with the traffic and detours.
7. By taking the bus, you will not need to cruise the
parking lot for 30 minutes to locate a parking space.
8. The bus stops at the main entrance door so you will
not need to hike from the back 40 lot to the entrance in
the rain.
9. All your Knitting Guild friends will be on the bus
relaxed and stress free.

Submitted by Margaret D and Jeannie G
This past May, Margaret D and I set out on a chilly Friday
for the Door County Shepherds Market. Our mission
was to visit every yarn shop from the North Shore to Door
Our first stop, the Grafton Yarn store located inside
a former knitting mill at 1300 14 avenue. We both
registered for a Summit shawl class, then went in
search of the perfect yarn for our summit shawls.
Instead , we found several exquisite patterns for
future projects which we purchased
Our second stop, Magpie’s Cottage located at 308
Pine Street in Sheboygan Falls has a varied
selection of yarns, beads and fabric. Carla, Magpies
owner is extremely helpful.
All that shopping made us hungry. We headed to
Bread and Beans Eatery just down the street at 107
Pine Street for a delectable sandwich. I dined on a
hearty potato soup and a Panini sandwich filled with
turkey, ham, tomato, dill pickle, Swiss cheese and
tangy mustard sauce . Margaret had black bean
soup and the house special, a grilled salmon gyro.
The very moist and flavorful salmon was wrapped in
pita bread and topped with sliced tomato, cucumber
sauce. Both sandwiches were served with home
made potato chips.
Our next destination, The Shaggy Sheep in
Manitowoc was closed. We set the GPS for Sturgeon
Bay and Spin. At Spin we found so many cuddly
yarns in luscious colors, it was hard to choose.
Saturday morning found us at the Shepherds market
at Whitefish Bay Farms. There were many venders
selling hand spun yarns, roving, hand made soaps
and all thing fiber.
We set the GPS for our last yarn shop and had to
take a detour right past 3 winery’s. After sampling
the local wines and pairing them with cheese,
chocolate and yarn we made it to our final
destination. Red Sock Yarns, located in Fish Creek at
9331 Spring Road. While we shopped, several
people were getting one on one knitting lessons
from the shops owner and her daughter. Both were
extremely helpful in helping me ferret out the
perfect Pinot noir colored yarn for my summit shawl.
They even offered to special order it for me and ship
it to me in Milwaukee.
We had so much fun, we decided our next yarn
destination would be the yarn shops from Delafield
to Madison. I can’t wait!
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