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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GMKG Newsletter for December 2010


Giving the gifts of…..

The Holidays are bursting out all over and with that brings memories of sleigh rides, snow men and the awesome hand knit sweaters we all(at least the kids in my family) thought were the coolest gifts Mom could give us (she always let us pick the colors)…..may the spirit and good tidings carry over to others…

Minutes of last meeting:

Amy H.- co president opened the meeting asking for confirmation of minutes from the last meeting.

Minimal minutes as I did not receive any so I am going by what few I took:
Treasurers report – 3717.19 in account as of tonight.

Guild members decided on Knit Socks, Shawls and New Knitter Item for the 3 awards the guild wouldsponsor this year for the State Fair. Good news here- the folks in the sheep barn are willing to let us come and do knitting presentations this year……………….details to follow!

December’s Pot Luck/M eeting will be in Helfare Hall- look for everyone there and let’s hope itdoesn’t snow us out!

What’s coming up:

December- Show and Telland the annual Potluck
January- Round Robin
February- Stay tuned for Meg Swanson

We have 2 new members and 1 returning member who joined the guild last month. Please welcome Deb P., Carol T. and Troy Y. Deb has been knitting since she was a girl and knits every chance shegets-on the bus, breaks at work, watching TV, and even on her exercise bike. Shelearned to do cables this year and loves the texture that cables bring to aknitting project. She is interested in learning entrelac. Carol also learned to knit when she was young. She likes classicstyles and texture projects, has done lots of scarves and now that she is workingpart time has more time for sweater projects. Troy is re-joining after a few years absence. At the October meetingsomeone mentioned that they were a “Born-Again Knitter” which Troy says describes herself. She has been knitting off and on for about 20 years and has re-connected with knitting again. She loves to knit with color and the newer fibersand uses Ravelry for inspiration. Troy is also a quilter and is retired. With the addition of these three new members- that puts us at 46 on the roster.

November’s guest was Shirley Grade from the Yarn house who gave a “how to” on double knitting and shared a bit of her experiences over the years…..we wish her the best of luck in her retirement.

Happy Knitting, Peg

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