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Thursday, February 4, 2010

GMKG Newsletter February 2010


by Mary K
The guild has 5 new members that joined last
month. Please welcome the following:
Linda S: Linda is a newer knitter and
really loves knitting. She is also a quilter. In
addition, she teaches nursing at UWM and is
working on her PhD.
Linda W: Lenore has been knitting for 6
years. She works at the UWM College of
Nursing as a research and project librarian.
Susan K: Sue belonged to the guild
years ago when it met at the Wauwatosa
Library. She has been knitting for over 40
Diana D is a returning member. She is a
retired teacher, has been knitting for about 4
years and loves to buy yarn. She knits once a
week with a group of friends and is happy to
be back at the guild.
Melinda I is new to the guild but has
been knitting off and on for 45 years. She
states that she finds yarn shops like a magnet
in her travels and loves the Taos Wool Festival.
She loves colors and textures. Melinda works
full time and also enjoys reading, gardening,
hiking, biking, baking and traveling.

Minutes from the January Guild Meeting
Submitted by Judy K -Secretary
The meeting was called to order by President
Mary G-F at 7:20 P.M.
Old Business
Treasure’s report.. Karen Rgave an
update of funds in the guild’s account.
There were no minutes from the December
holiday meeting. Mary reported that 15
adventurous souls braved the snow storm.
The stoic group shared holiday treats and
oooooooed and ahaaaaaaaaed at the show
and tell of completed projects.
Mary asked if there were any changes or
additions to the November newsletter. No
changes were necessary.
New Business
Mary asked if there were any visitors. There
were two, Katherine, a new knitter and
Deana, and former member. Welcome
February’s program: Dana Root will be our
guest presenter. She will teach us knitting
ergonomics which will help relieve the aches
associated with knitting. Please bring a work
in process.
Our guest presenter for March is Susan
Anderson, author of Itty Bitty Hats, Itty Bitty
Nursery and her new book, Itty Bitty Toys.
Knitting magazines were left behind after the
Nov. meeting. A suggestion was made to
establish a magazine library.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40.
Jeannie G, introduced the Traveling
Woman Shawl as a group project. She and
Margaret Driss, showed their in-progress
shawls, gave tips and suggestions, and
encouraged participation.
Thanks Jeanne, Margaret and Peggy.
Yarn Alert
River Boutique and Yarns moved from its
Hartland location to Brookfield, Wisconsin.
The store is located in the Galleria West
Shopping Center, near Kopps Custard.
The address is 18900 West Bluemound
Judy K visited the shop and reports
that it is well lighted and spacious with lots
of yummy yarn displays and completed knit
projects for sale. She did not make it out of
the store without making a purchase.
Vicki P January 5
Barbara B January 7
Jackie H January 12
Kathleen WJanuary 13
Pat H January 24
Diana D February 1
Dan J February 6
Margaret D February 9
Melinda I February 18
Peggy B February 19

2010 Board of Directors and Committee
Presidents Mary G-F
Any H
Past President Linda M
Treasurer Karen R
Secretary Judy K
Membership Mary K
Charity Knitting Marge A
Newsletter Jeannie G
Website Susan F
State Fair Carolyn M
Karen L
Knitting Doctor Karen L
Historian Nancy K

S u bm i t ted b y J ean n ie G
February :Knitting Ergonomics: Avoiding Aches
and Pains.
Do you love to knit? Do you experience aches and
pains while knitting? Do you want to learn how to
reduce the discomfort? With a little knowledge,
and new discoveries, some easy changes will keep
you happily knitting forever.
Dana Root, a board certified ergonomist and a
licensed physical therapist, has knitted on and off
for many years and practiced as an orthopedic
physical therapist. For the past 10 years she
travels a six state region as an ergonomist.
She will share her passion for ergonomics and her
love of knitting.
The knitter will learn:
Why the body is at risk for knitting aches
and pains.
What knitting methods may cause soreness.
Solutions for reducing knitting discomfort.
Exercises to interrupt knitting movements.
Please bring a knitting project, so you may
practice these new techniques.
The Programs Committee would like to thank both
Peggy B and Ellen J for suggesting
our February speaker. If you would like to be a
presenter or know someone who would, please
give the programs committee the contact
March : Susan Anderson, author of Itty Bitty
Hats and Itty Bitty Nursery will be here with her
new book Itty Bitty Toys.
We will hold a drawing for Susan’s new book. To
enter please knit a hat from one of Susan’s books,
or one of her free hat patterns from her website or
ravelry. For each hat collected in March and
donated to our charity knitting projects you will
receive a ticket for the drawing.
SABLE 2010 Yarn Stash Down
Is your yarn stash taking over your home? Then
make a commitment to knit down some of your
yarn stash in 2010. Perhaps your goal is to knit
one skein or 100 skeins.
Fill out your commitment card and turn it into
Margaret, Peggy or Jeannie today. As you finish
your projects, let us know and we will mark it off
your cards.
Prizes will be awarded to the person who knits the
most yardage from their stash and for knitting the
most skeins from their stash .

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